Engine and engine equipment

The Kraft Automotive assortment of engine parts comprises approximately 200 items. The products forming the core of sales are: crankshaft gear-wheels, oil pans, oil pumps, valve lifters, carburetor flanges.

The offer also comprises gaskets and sealing materials: sealing materials for crankshaft, timing, gearbox, drive shafts, gaskets for automatic transmission, valve caps, intake manifolds, oil drain plugs, oil pans, oil pumps, water pumps, power steering pumps, EGR valves and sealing materials for valve stems.

The engine equipment under the Kraft Automotive brand is a group of over 500 products, covering various types of pulleys, both for the timing drive and for multi-ribbed belts, including: tension pulleys, idler pulleys, tensioners  and alternator belt pulleys. This assortment is being constantly expanded.

The quality of elements offered in the assortment of engine parts and engine equipment is of great importance. Each potential defect means that several co-operating elements may be damaged and, as a result, the car user may incur high costs. That is why these products, on each production stage, are controlled and tested in terms of durability and quality, meeting very high technological requirements.